All the good news at Fairbanks Florist!

I am so happy to launch my shiny new website!  My new website has taken months of deep thought, creativity, love and perseverance, not to mention I had the privilege to work with an amazing web designer!  I wanted so much to bring you an elevated experience here at Fairbanks Florist!

I have also had the good fortune to hire a new floral designer who will also be part of my marketing team.  Her name is Marelize Dingman.  If you don’t already know her, I am positive you know someone who does.  One of the wonderful things about Marelize, is that she just seems to know everybody, Ha!!  She is delightful, she is happy, fun, smart and very creative!  Creativity and personalized service is the energy that fuels Fairbanks Florist and let me tell you Marelize has plenty of it!  Please be on the lookout for her making her way around town to make introductions, I would be so honored if you made her feel welcome!


It is my privilege to introduce the Fairbanks Florist Team to you! But first a big shout out to my Husband Art, for the beautiful team photos!  From left, please meet Sherry Graham. Sherry was the design room Manager when Fairbanks Florist served you as a full service retail flower shop for over 27 years! Sherry's beautiful expert floral designs help make your event extraordinary!

Next to Sherry, my partner in life and business, Art Faulkner, co-owner of Fairbanks Florist and the love of my life! When Art is not professionally photographing his own Corporate Events, Weddings and Product shoots, he is alongside our team making sure every part of production and day of execution comes off flawlessly! If you don't already know the Award Winning Art Faulkner Photography, please look him up for your next event. Your day will be remembered in exquisite photos, beyond your expectations!

Well you know me, I have been serving you as the proud owner of Fairbanks Florist, with much gratitude for your trust in my ability to execute your floral needs whether large or small. You know I love helping you and making your day beautiful with my floral visions and design, having the biggest smile every step of the way! Flowers are my passion, people are my passion and bringing them both together, well, I am so grateful to love what I do and do what I love!

So on to our most lovely Sheila Tousley. Sheila manages the logistics and event production side of our events and you can thank her for the countless hours she spends making sure the fine details are in place that make your event extraordinary! But don't stop there! Sheila is working hard after your event to put everything back into perfect place for the next lucky client to have the Fairbanks Florist team bring their special event to life!

Next to Sheila please meet Marelize Dingman. Marelize brings years of chairing large galas for community events, volunteering her time for local or international charities to event planning and execution, along with beautiful floral design and her charming personality to make sure your event is perfectly executed!

If you are looking for floral designs that are unique and customized just for your event, we are ready to serve you with fresh, leading edge, artistic creations that are truly unique to your vision! Give Lana a call and let's get started!!!